Swag & Gear

Swag & Gear!

HE 5k with the greatest swag!

Swag:  Suh-WAG (noun)

1. "S"tuff "W"e "A"ll" "G"et -- Really cool stuff that you get for free when you participate in a race.
See also: Custom t-shirt, custom, commemorative finisher's medal, food, drinks, awards and more!

Reserve your spot today for this sell-out event!  Registration is open!

This event is unparalleled in 5k swag. Each pre-registered participant will receive a custom, full color  50/50 blend tee shirt (not a cheap cotton version), water, snacks and fruit. Additionally, every finisher will receive a marathon-quality finisher's medal.


Did we mention that we are the ONLY 5k company with a Custom, Commemorative Finisher's Medal for a 5k race?  Sign up now and earn your swag!

2014 Bunny Run Medal     2015 Bunny Run Medal   2016 Finishers Medal
2014, 2015, and 2016 Custom Finisher's Medals



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