Swag & Gear

Swag & Gear!

THE 5k with the greatest swag!

Swag:  Suh-WAG (noun)

1. "S"tuff "W"e "A"ll" "G"et -- Really cool stuff that you get for free when you participate in a race.
See also: Custom t-shirt, custom, commemorative finisher's medal, food, drinks, awards and more!

Reserve your spot today for this sell-out event!  Registration is still open for 2017.

Presenting the 2017 participant shirt!

Presenting the 2017 participant shirt!

This event is unparalleled in 5k swag. Each pre registered participant will receive a custom, full color  50/50 blend tee shirt (not a cheap cotton version), water, snacks and fruit. Additionally, every finisher will receive a custom, commemorative Finisher's Medal.



New!! All registered participants will be entered into a drawing to win an ARMPACK, an award winning athletic compression sleeve!  Visit www.thearmpack.com to take a closer look.  Provided by Kobapack.  You must be present to win.

Did we mention that we are the ONLY 5k company with a Custom, Commemorative Finisher's Medal for a 5k race?  Sign up now and earn your swag!

2014 Bunny Run Medal     2015 Bunny Run Medal   2016 Finishers Medal
2014, 2015, and 2016 Custom Finisher's Medals



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